The Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe (IRI Europe) is also a publishing house! In the last two decades we have produced hundreds of books, reports and working papers covering the development of participatory and direct democracy worlwide. You are welcome to access, download and distribute our publications for free through our online library.

Many of our publications are available in other languages than english. Please refer to IRI Europe and the publication when quoting or distributing and contact us if you are interested in translating a publication into your own language. For further information please contact IRI´s president Bruno Kaufmann or secretary general Adrian Schmid.

Guidebooks to Modern Direct Democracy

The Guidebooks to Direct Democracy offer a variety of entry-points into the subject: essays, factsheets and concluding surveys.

Passports to Modern Direct Democracy

The Passports to Modern Direct Democracy offer direct and easily accessible introductions to your political rights of participation at all political levels.

European Citizens' Initiative (ECI)

A comprehensive set of publications around the history, challenges and experiences of the European Citizens' Initiative.

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